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I would have love to give five stars on this review. My experience was terrific. The staff, flowers, price, and ease of the whole ordering process was top notch and I will be back in the future. I especially enjoy the custom bouquet options, I think besides the superior service this option in particular places The Bloomin' Dragonfly at the top of the list of Burlington florists. The only con with the entire experience was a computer malfunction while ordering online. Most likely a one time incident however. And not that big of a deal seeing that when you call whomever is there to answer does so professionally, kindly, and enthusiastically. Thanks again.
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Thank you so much for your services. Particularly helpful were the easy to navigate forms that let the customer specify how the flowers are to be delivered and which day they can be delivered on. I work overseas and I am very limited on how I can surprised my significant other, but your service was extremely helpful to me and she was very amazed at how beautiful your arrangement was. Thank you once again.
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Amazing job once again!! Such peace of mind to know I can hop online, order flowers and KNOW that it will be beautiful. I've ordered several times from Bloomin' Dragonfly and they are like no other in Vermont!

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The Bloomin' Dragonfly Florist ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly Florist’ will offer a variety of products: Original floral designs using a wide mix of flowers - A variety of pre-designed floral arrangements as well as single stem flowers, so that a customer may choose to build a bouquet, along with offering upgraded plants. Each floral arrangement will be a natural original work of art. The company is committed to making each arrangement unique and custom designed based on each customer’s needs. ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’s floral arrangements will feature a wide range of seasonal flowers. All sample arrangements in the store will be available for purchase. Unique containers – ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’ will select and offer distinctive vases for the discretionary buyer or for a special occasion, as well as affordable options for routine purchases. Green and flowering house plants – ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’ may occasionally offer a selection of seasonal green and flowering house plants. Paintings and Artwork - We will feature paintings or drawings from local artists. The artwork will be for sale. The company will collect 20% of each sale. Variety of Prices – ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’ will offer a variety of arrangement sizes and will always create a unique arrangement to anyone’s stated budget. Hand Tied Bouquets - For customers who prefer to use their own vases, ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’ will offer hand tied bouquets. Corsages for any occasion – Whether for the prom or for any other occasion, if you need a corsage ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’ has just the right one for you. Greeting Cards, Balloons and Stuffed Animals - To make the buying experience complete, ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’ will also sell Greeting Cards, Balloons and stuffed Animals to go with the flowers. ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly Florist’ will offer a variety of services: ​ Wedding Flowers & Special Events - ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’ will work with anyone seeking a memorable, custom-made wedding arrangement, including but not limited to bridal bouquets, attendance bouquets, corsages, boutineers, ceremony flowers, pew decorations and reception flowers. We can help you plan an event that’s a bloomin' success! Call us in advance at 802-399-2767 to schedule your consultation. ​ Sympathy & Funeral Flowers - 'The Bloomin' Dragonfly' will design custom funeral arrangements. ​ Frequent Flower Membership Program - The Company will call or email any customer enrolled in the program on days they determine in advance, to remind them of a certain date, holiday, birthday or other occasion so they do not forget to buy flowers for their loved ones. In addition: 1. The company will occasionally send out newsletters to anyone providing a valid e-mail address with specials and coupons. 2. Any customer enrolled in the program will receive a $25 gift certificate for every $250 in purchases. 3. Get a friend to enroll in the program and you will both receive 10% off of a single purchase. The more friends you get to enroll - the more times you get a 10% discount! ​ Free Phone Consultations - For a wide variety of flowers, not including weddings. ​ Wedding Consultation - 'The Bloomin' Dragonfly' will offer a free in-shop wedding consultation. ​ Surveys/Comment Cards – ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’ will use in-store comment cards as well as occasional surveys to ensure products and services are meeting customers’ expectations. ​ Tips & Tricks classes - We find it very helpful and fun at the same time to offer classes to people that can educate them on different products. We normally take seasonal flowers and work with those according to the time of year it is. The classes are free of charge and we raffle off all product made that day. ​ Tips - We love giving tips to customers on how to properly care for their flowers. For example - did you know that unless you drain the poison from a daffidal it will kill any other flowers in the vase with them? We at ‘The Bloomin' Dragonfly’ plan to have tip note cards with need to know information on them, so that not only do you get great flowers and outstanding customer service in our shop, but you also get a bit of useful knowledge. Krista (802) 399-2767

Burlington florist - The Bloomin' Dragonfly Florist

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